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Healing Fire Island

Page: http://healingfireisland.com/tag/or/
Healing Fire Island ~Healing Fire Island

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Healing Fire Island is about the International Cat ‘Jet’ and RocksAnn the anesthesiologist her owner who sails to Fire Island with her boyfriend Luke. They leave the states for a more laid back life in paradise to pursue fun in the sun and to resurrect an anesthesia department and turn it into a medical tourism destination. Obamacare is looming and patients are seeking alternatives and Rocks is about to turn a profit! She knew the island from earlier sailing vacations, and the clinic from a bunch of frat brothers from med school. It all works out like a dream at first, however there are a couple of issues that she has to deal with, not unlike any other place in the past. The surgeons usually have their preferences, so what is it about Fire Island Clinic that could be sinister that Rocks discovers? What do Luke and Rocks sail into that looks so innocent at first? Get an up close and personal idea of life in the operating room and life as an anesthesiologist living aboard a sailboat in paradise.  Luke is the first mate, and Rocks runs the boat and navigates, Jet runs rat patrol.  They can usually tell when she had been on fish patrol when there has been nose marks on the portholes.  They make their way with the locals without too much trouble, set up there work permits, open bank accounts, and make introductions to all the clinic family.  Everything seems to be in place, and they feel right at home.  Rocks has a few friends from earlier travels, and wastes no time reconnecting.  She gets right down to business at clinic setting up her workstation and supplies as she prefers.  She finds out quickly who thinks they control how things were done at Fire Island Clinic.  Read more, at Healing Fire Island, by Chery Fee.