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Anesthesia in the Media

Page: http://healingfireisland.com/healing-fire-island/
Anesthesia in the Media | Healing Fire Island



Healing Fire Island is written to promote the subject of anesthesia in the media.  I feel that people want to know what happens when they are unconscious and sedated and have surgery and other procedures.  I started writing the book after several very difficult cases in order to bring some difficult issues public.   Many of my colleagues might wish the sanctity of the operating room remain protected, and to some degree there are certain things that shall remain so.  However, there are many other professions that have made it out into mainstream media without suffering and have become both entertaining and enlightening.  I feel that if the public were better informed about anesthesiology, they would be better prepared when they presented for elective or emergent cases, and better prepared to inform their physicians of their health concerns.

Most of what is in this blog and in the book is about experiences I have had while practicing anesthesia during my career.  I have had the honor of practicing in the states and abroad, both as a civilian and as a military physician.  I have had an academic and a private practice experience.  I have spent most of my career on the east coast but have been from the northeast to the southeast and also practiced in the islands.

I have used some reference material in the composition of this manuscript, however most of the writing was done from the experiences and cases I  have done myself.  I have included characters in the text who served to give the most entertainment value, and do not represent the actual general cross-reference of the surgical population.  Most of my surgical colleagues have been good guys and excellent physicians.  I have learned much over the years from their experience and camaraderie.  I will be ever grateful to their assistance as I passed gas over the years.

Thanks for reading Healing Fire Island, by Chery Fee.

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