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Page: http://healingfireisland.com/catnip/
Healing Fire Island | Catnip

Jet in Paradise


The International Cat was the boat mascot and kept the vessel rodent-free. She roamed the cabins and sunned herself on deck when allowed up top. She slept at the foot of the bed most of the time. When things were great she was content and purred constantly. When things were uneasy or tense she was on edge and unhappy.
Anyone could gauge the mood on the boat by the state of the cat!

She amused herself by watching fish from the portholes and often would get an eye full when a dolphin or two would come around. Every week when the boat would get cleaned her little nose prints would get scrubbed off with a smile. She had her special perches on the ledges which had a collection of fur as evidence.

There had been a month of potty training that was a partial failure. She had a collection of concentric plastic rings that fit over the head in the forward toilet over which there was a small collection of litter. She tried like a trooper and managed to use the head a couple of times, however ended up preferring the rug in the forward cabin for her solid waste and the sink for her liquid waste. Her habits continue to this day, when her litter box is not clean enough!

No matter what the hassle was onboard, the Jet factor was worth it, as she was a wonderful companion during any crossing or sail, and a furry friend to cuddle with during a nap or a movie. Many sailors had pets onboard, as evidence to the fact. Thanks for coming along, Jet!

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