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Page: http://healingfireisland.com/breakaway/
Healing Fire Island | BreakAway

the cabin


Having a sailboat requires a sense of adventure and the ability to organize. There is not much space onboard and items need to be stowed away for security as when underway the cabin sways with the waves. Personal belongings must be kept to a minimum and be selected for efficiency and necessity. Space is at a premium! The electronics which are used to navigate and operate the vessel can be selected as the captain desires. BreakAway had a chart plotter with a GPS, autopilot, depth finder, radar, satellite weather system, stereo system, computer monitor for viewing in the cabin, TV with blue ray DVD player, and an ipod hook up as well.

The galley had a propane stove and oven with gimbles for stability during sailing, a refrigerator and freezer, a double sink, and storage above and below. The salon had plenty of seating and storage. There were two cabins and two heads. It was a comfortable boat. In deep water the sailors were very safe and comfortable.  Their favorite moment was the time when the motor was shut down and the sails took over and they felt the wind take them over the waves to their next destination.  Often they would spot a pod of dolphin or a sea turtle which would signal good luck.  They would wave and make a wish for some magic adventure.  Their log was full of many adventures already!

Jet usually sailed on deck harnessed to the cockpit table where she got plenty of fresh air and was safely attached to the boat.  She was accounted for and remained in place until they reached port.

The life onboard was peaceful and fun, and one of fresh air and waves and one that offered a fresh start whenever they set sail. They found wonderful ports of call and beautiful people wherever they went!






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